Saturday, 26 May 2012

Research Practices

For our latest module we have been asked to create a range by researching into two contrasting words (again). I chose Spatial and Maximum.

Spatial is how we relate to the space around us, the world of 3D. I'm going to incorporate computer designed wire framed models of simple objects into my designs - hopefully creating quite an abstract look.

Spatial moodboard

With Maximum I deliberately chose it as an opposing word to my normal work. Usually everything I make/design is based on a minimal aesthetic, with this I want to push myself and see what kind of work I can produce.

Maximum moodboard

Having chosen my words I then had to combine to two to create the starting point of my design work. I'm going to make to designs slightly over the top, but not to the point that they become fashion rather than clothing. It will all still be wearable.

Combined moodboard

Saturday, 5 May 2012