Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hidden In View.

This is the image I created for my photography elective. I gathered typical objects found in a regular bag (keys, memory stick, wallet etc), and put them into an almost clear vinyl bag. I photographed the various objects in low lighting and using a camera flash. The flash momentarily revealed the contents of the bag.

The image is going to be used as research for the 'Innovative Cut' module. I've chosen the title 'New Future' from the list, and am going to experiment with materials that both hide and reveal. The inspiration for this is with x-rays of luggage - how something is revealed, yet also retains it's mystery.

I then used Photoshop to edit the contrast and saturation of the photographs, creating more depth and texture to the images.

With all the images edited I put them together on an A2 sized document to form a collage.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

HIGH above the STREET Opening.

Some images from the opening night of the pop-up store.

Our Legacy and Levi's
1ina100, bStore and SWEAR
Milk From a Thistle, Wood Wood and Preen Line
Nanamica and Nigel Cabourn
The 'street wear' section of the store

Sunday, 9 October 2011

HIGH above the STREET Pop-Up Store.

The most exciting about my on-going internship at HIGH above the STREET is the pop-up store element of the business. Steve Banks (the owner of HatS) had the idea to do something which would be more innovative than the traditional clothes store. The idea was to convert the top floor of Munro House into a store. Unlike a normal store it would be more laid-back and less formal. There would be areas to relax and socialise. The store is planned to be opened for just three days each month, starting on Thursday and running through to Saturday.

Steve gave me the opportunity to help with the design, concept and lay-out of the pop-up store. To say that I am only there for work experience he has invested a fantastic amount of trust in me, I have been actively involved the putting together of the event. Other things I helped with included sourcing materials, press and PR, budgeting and creating trial designs.

I created mood boards for ideas of how the garments we going to be displayed. Because Steve didn't want the area to be the same as a traditional shop a wider range of creativity was allowed. An idea we had was to use branches cut from a tree to hang the garments from the ceiling, with tree stumps used to display footwear and various other accessories. This made the room far more relaxed, and was a nice juxtaposition against the warehouse backdrop.

I also worked closely with Steve to plan the layout of the event. One of the most interesting parts was that we had a 'store within a store' for 'B Store' and 'Swear of London' - these are two brands which I was already a big fan of, so it was great to meet the guys from there. This is great for me because with our PPD work experience coming up in April I now have a direct link to these companies, rather than just sending them an email which will be forever unopened.


Around The Earth in Fluid Slow Motion.

Monday, 3 October 2011

HIGH above the STREET Photoshoot.

Recently I helped out with photographing some new products for the eshop. I helped out with positioning the products and making sure that each particular aspect of a product was clearly shown - this is obviously of vital importance because a customer expects to be shown everything if they cannot access the product/garment in a tangible way. 

The shoot was far more time consuming than I would have ever thought something like this would be. During the shoot we had various dresses and other garments to be photographed, as well as a huge range of accessories. One of the most difficult aspects for the photographer was to make sure that products from a similar range are all lined up in the same way when photographed - without doing this the website would appear amateurish which could have the potential to put off future customers.

My now famous hands.