Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2012 Stand Design

Following on from my initial idea, this is my design for the Leeds College of Art stand at Graduate Fashion week. I've made the central theme light - unlike most of the stands at GFW I've enclosed all the walls, to try and create my own micro-environment. When you step inside I want it to feel like you've almost entered another venue entirely.

Subtle red and blue lights will be placed inside the stand to create an atmosphere totally different to the rest of the exhibition. Almost everything will be constructed from perspex, so that the light will bounce around the room. The pieces hanging from the ceiling are made from perspex tubing, these will disperse the light in a random manner around the space. The garments will be hanging from the ceiling, with the portfolios placed on plinths. The layout is done so that all the pieces form an almost free moving structure, that people can interact with and move around.  

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Zomby - Aquarium


This video by Zomby is the influence for my stand design at Graduate Fashion Week next year. I like the way the independent lines flex and move to create a fluid structure - I'm going to try and apply this principle to my proposed design. 

The image below is something I made on Photoshop & Illustrator to try and mimic the mood of the video. The lines in real life could perhaps be made from clear plastic tubing with various lights pointed onto them.